Blood and Blades

a Tabletop Wargaming Ruleset for the Heroic Chariotry Era

two Sherden warriors

Blood and Blades is a simple wargame ruleset for little soldiers generals who want entertaining battles without using markers. It owes a lot to Phil Barker who invented DBA and to Phil Barker and Richard Bodley-Scott for their famous rulesets HOTT and DBM and to Phil Barker again for DBMM. It aims to be different from each one. It is more alike HOTT but for historicals. It does pick up good ideas from other rulesets and have a few mechanisms of its own.

Blood and Blades is played with armies from 3000BC to 705BC. Extending to more recent periods will come later with version 2.

'Blood and Blades is published under free license Creative Common 4.0 or later of type CC BY SA. This work is also copyright 2013-2015 Jean-Pierre Rivière.
Jean-Pierre Rivière', jn.pierre.riviere (at)

Blood and Blades is a new project for having a free ruleset to play with toy soldiers in 15mm or 25/28mm scales. It is both free as beer and free as free speech. But it is not born from the void and it is an heir of mostly DBA and also DBM and DBMM of which it requires the army lists book (volume 1 only) to get its army lists because its main objective was to be interoperable with them. Why redo them if you can work with them? So Blood and Blades, which can be abbreviated as BaB, does use the troop types of DBM and DBMM, although with some adaptation.